Sew a Patchwork Sewing Machine Organizer
02.08.2020 | Diannecraft |

Create a scrappy, quilted patchwork base for your Sewing Space Station. Use up those scraps and add some extra personality to your new all-in-one organiser.


Whenever there's a quilted panel in a project, the race is on to see how creatively it can be constructed!

It's totally unexciting to sew everything we make from solid pieces of fabric and of course that means that we're limited to much less variety.

So, today I’m bringing you a tutorial for how to make a scrappy patchwork version of the Sewing Space Station.

If you’re not familiar with this pattern – this is a Sewing Machine Organizer that has been thoughtfully redesigned to be much more functional and multipurpose. It has side hanging storage for your most used notions at the sewing machine and not have them hanging in your way, and inside the top of the mat itself it has large pockets to hold your project and tools, so that when you’re ready to pack up and need to move, you just pack your Station and fold it up!

Now the base of the Station is made from quilted panels, and of course, I couldn’t wait to get started on making some scrappy pieced versions of this because I love patchwork and have so many scraps that always need using.

After all, we know that scraps multiply just by thinking about sewing right, and any scrap busting project is essentially free and that makes this great value!!

We’re aiming for a quilted panel that ends up at the right size – so you can go all crazy patchwork without a plan at all and just keep adding to it until you reach the right size. You can do a quilt as you go version where you start with a base piece and batting the right size and just add to it until you’ve filled the space – just go for it and have fun!

And of course, you can make all the quilted parts of the Sewing Space Station out of pieced scraps if you’d like to go for that look –  that would look really cute! I’d love to see some versions make like that!

Today I’ll just be covering the basic assembly of the pieces I’m using, and I’ll be showing a very quick overview of the assembly of the whole thing.

So the purpose of this blog post is to inspire you with what a scrappy version can look like, and give you the confidence to go and piece your own.

If you’d like to make the exact version I’m making, then follow the tutorial below for the exact measurements I’ve used, and once again I've made it into a printable for that you can purchase for a small amount.


Let's Get Started!

So, let’s get started!

You’ll need a good number of scraps or larger pieces that equal about 6-8 fat eights just for the quilted panels we’ll be making. The amount you end up using will really depend on how small your pieces end up being and the number of seams that you have. If you follow my tutorial, you’ll have plenty of fabric allowed in that amount.

You’re going to need batting – this can be fusible or regular – it’s up to you and you’re going to need the general quilting tools you would usually use – rotary cutter, cutting mat, scissors, thread, and pins for basting or basting spray.

This is designed to look like a crazy patchwork finish, and I hope I've achieved my goal! The assembly is very simple however.

Each section is split into 3 smaller sections, and then pieced in the correct order.

Now, a side note about making the entire station out of patchwork. If you’re a regular traveller with your machine and are planning to use the pockets on the top a lot, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to make the top and lining out of patchwork. If you’ve got hard objects with corners (like quilting rulers) going in and out, the seams in here might be prone to catching and ripping overtime. But in saying that — I haven’t personally tested this — it’s just my opinion.


Top Pocket Panel

Follow the cutting chart below to cut all the pieces, then assemble them in groups A, B & C as shown in the figures below.

Then piece the three panels together and the Top is ready for Step 2 of the pattern.

Section A

Size: 11½" X 15"

  • Sew A1 to the left of A2.
  • Sew A3 to the right of A2.
  • Sew A4 to A5, then sew A6 to A7.
  • Sew A6-A7 to the right of A5.
  • Sew A4-A7 to the bottom of A1-A3.
  • Sew A8 to A9.
  • Sew A10 to A11.
  • Sew A8-A11 to the bottom of A4-A7.

Set aside.

Section B

Size: 6¾" X 15"

  • Sew B2-B3.
  • Sew B1 to the left of B2-B3.
  • Sew B4 to the bottom of B1-B3.
  • Sew B5 to B6.
  • Sew B5-B6 to the bottom of B4.

Set aside.

Section C

Size: 6¾" x 15"

  • Sew C2 to C3.
  • Sew C4 to the right of C2-C3.
  • Sew C1 to the top of C2-C4.
  • Sew C5 to the bottom of C2-C4.
  • Sew C6 to the bottom of C5.

Final Assembly: Top Pocket Panel

Sew Section A to the left of Section B.

Sew Section C to the right of Section B.

Now you're done with Patchwork Top Pocket Panel!

Now you can create a Patchwork Base, or continue on with Step 2 in the Sewing Space Station pattern!

Patchwork Base

Follow the cutting chart below to cut all the pieces, then assemble them in groups D, E & F as shown in the figures below.

Section D

Size: 15¼" x 8¼"

  • Sew D1 to D2.
  • Sew D4 to D3.
  • Sew D5 to D4.
  • Sew D1-D2 to the left of D3-D5.
  • Sew D6 to D7.
  • Sew D6-D7 to the right of D3-D5.

Set aside.

Section E

Size: 15¼" x 9¼"

  • Sew E2 to E3.
  • Sew E1 to the top of E2-E3.
  • Sew E4 to the right of E1-E3.
  • Sew E5 to the right of E4.
  • Sew E6 to the left of E7.
  • Sew E8 to the right of E7.
  • Sew E6-E8 to the bottom of E1-E5.

Set aside.

Section F

Size: 10¼" x 17"

  • Sew E2 to E3.
  • Sew E1 to the top of E2-E3.
  • Sew E4 to the right of E1-E3.
  • Sew E5 to the right of E4.
  • Sew E6 to the left of E7.
  • Sew E8 to the right of E7.
  • Sew E6-E8 to the bottom of E1-E5.

Set aside.

Final Assembly: Base

Sew Section D to the top of Section E.

Sew Section F to the right of Sections D & E.

Go for Organizer!

Now you can take your completed patchwork panels and continue on with Step 2 in the full pattern of the Sewing Space Station!